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Dr Moshe Kantor is a Jewish leader, peace activist, businessman, philanthropist and international diplomat. Born in Moscow, Russia, on September 8, 1953, Kantor has built a reputation as a promoter of global peace through his various reconciliation and tolerance initiatives around the world. He is also actively involved in activities geared aimed at stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons around the globe.

Leadership roles

Moshe Kantor Art is an accomplished peace ambassador with a lot of influence around the world.  He holds several senior positions in number of organizations such as the Jewish Congress where he is president; he also heads the European Council of Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR). Other organization where Kantor leads as president include: The world Holocaust Forum (WHF), he world Jewish Congress (WJC) and the International Luxembourg Forum on Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe (ILFPNC).

Business Interests

Moshe Kantor is also an accomplished business person and one of the world riches individuals. He is he co-founder of a publicly traded fertilizer company known as the Acron Group. The company is one of top fertilizer suppliers in the entire world.  Acron group is a large organization that manufactures over 40 different fertilizer products and has annual production of about 6.5 million tonnes. Through his sizable share in Acron Group, Kantor is an extremely wealthy individual with his net worth being estimated at $3.1 billion. He was named as the 34 richest Russian and 630th   richest individual in the world. Visit Twitter here!

Jewish Peace Activist

Kantor is an internationally known Jewish activist who fights for the rights and interests of Jews living in Europe. He heads the European Jewish Congress, a secular organization that represents over 3 million people of Jewish ancestry living in continental Europe. Some of the main activities that EJC is involved in include fighting antisemitism, promoting peace and tolerance among communities living with Jews across Europe, and fighting for Jewish property rights sized during the World War 2.

Philanthropy activities

Moshe Kantor is generous personality based on the number of charities he runs around the world. Most of his philanthropic efforts are mainly concentrated in UK and Israel but he also promotes a number of causes in other parts of the world. He established the Kantor Charitable Foundation, an organization that coordinates all the charity causes in the UK, while his other organization the Kantor Foundation, handles all charity initiatives in Israel, Europe and the rest of the world. Learn more about philanthropy at this website https://www.huffingtonpost.com/brady-josephson/want-to-be-happier-give-m_b_6175358.html.


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